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DAY 6 — Day Off / Magic Kingdom Halloween Party When we planned our Disney vacation (and when I say “we”, I mean my wife and my sisters), we decided to include a day off at the hotel where we could relax, recharge, and frankly, sleep in past 7 a.m. That day had finally come, and…(Read More)

DAY 4 — The Magic Kingdom This was the one I was most excited for. The other parks are great and everything, but when I think of Disney I think of the Magic Kingdom. I mean, Mickey lives there. Enough said. We started out the day with a FastPass+ for Under the Sea — Journey of the…(Read More)

DAY 3 — Hollywood Studios As soon as I spotted the old Remington typewriter in the store window along Hollywood Studios’ main drag, I knew it was going to be a good day. Obviously this was my kind of amusement park. Once again we got there right when it opened, and, per my wife’s research…(Read More)

I wasn’t looking forward to it. A whole week in Disney World with my family. Sixteen of us — eight adults and eight kids. It was going to be expensive. It was going to be exhausting. It was going to be a very, very long week. Heck, just preparing for Disney is a months-long…(Read More)

Coming back from vacation is never fun. You’re worn out from all the traveling and suddenly you’re thrown back into the reality of normal, everyday life. Coming back from the happiest place in the world…well, pardon my French, but it sucks. At Disney World everything is pretty much perfect (really, it is…(Read More)