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So they tell me today is “Take Your Kid to Work Day.” This actually worked out well, since my kids didn’t have school today. (Actually, I think that may be the reason they didn’t have school today.) Anywho… Considering that my so called “place of work” is also my “place of sleep”, “place…(Read More)

Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you worry about the mountain of things you have on your to-do list and how you’re ever going to find the time to get it all done? Sure. We all do. With today’s hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to worry yourself sick about all the little…(Read More)

So I’ve been listening to a lot of Bigfoot podcasts lately. Betcha never heard anyone say that before. My favorite one is SasWhat: A Podcast about Bigfoot. I like it because it has a good mixture of both the serious and not-so-serious sides of Bigfoot. That and I like the cricket sound…(Read More)

Imagine That


Imagine if the creators of “The Simpsons” decided to do away with the show’s villain, Mr. Burns, and replace him with a brand-new, more villainous villain. Imagine that the creators decided to have a contest to see who could come up with this evil new villain and then be the writer for that…(Read More)

This is it. This is the hat. Deal with it. I bought this hat because I’m sick of applying sunblock every time I want to go for a walk upstreet when it’s a super-sunny day like today. And I really don’t care what you think of it. It keeps me in…(Read More)

Today I did something I waaaay don’t do enough: get out of the house! I was invited to conduct a writing workshop with a group of students at Deer Lakes Middle School, somewhere out by Saxonburg…or Mars…or Gibsonia or something? I’m not really sure. But I took old back roads the…(Read More)

I’ve decided that I really don’t write enough on here. I mean to. I plan to. But then nothing for weeks at a time. The problem is, I don’t always have something to write about. Sorta like right now. I usually like to wait until something noteworthy happens, like when The Animal…(Read More)

So here I am again, back in Dayton for the bi-annual (or is it bi-ennial?) Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. I love this conference! Every two years I get to get away from it all for a few days, be surrounded by fellow writers, and, most important, have an entire king-sized bed to…(Read More)