Posts From the monthly archives: "August 2016"

This past Monday, as a last hurrah of summer, we decided to take the kiddos to Pittsburgh’s legendary Kennywood Park. We were fortunate to get some discounted tickets from a friend, and we chose a Monday so we could avoid the normally large weekend crowds. When I was a little kid, Kennywood was a…(Read More)

It was time for my annual check-up, so I made the hour-plus drive to my dermatologist, who I’ve been told is one of the best in the business. I’ve been making this drive for years now, ever since having a “dangerous” mole removed from somewhere on my epidermis. (Use your imagination…(Read More)

Recently I’d grown bored with my usual running routine and started looking for a new challenge. I thought about signing up for another marathon, but then I remembered how awful marathons are and therefore decided against it. Then it came to me: I’ll start training and try to break my old high school…(Read More)

It’s a never-ending battle. Just when you think you have them beat, they magically reappear. And in greater numbers. The thing I want to know is…where in the heck are they coming from? Ever since we got back from our little mini-vacation to Maine last week, we’ve been at war…(Read More)