Posts From the monthly archives: "January 2017"

Previously I’ve written about some of the crazier coincidences I’ve had over the years. But this one might just take the cake. It happened the other night, just as I was tucking the kiddos into bed. Both claimed that they “weren’t tired” (big surprise), and Boogieface asked if she could read her…(Read More)

Chinese water torture. That’s the most accurate way I can describe what it’s like having two, sometimes three kids, fresh out of school, all hopped up after sitting in class all day, coming home and invading what for the previous seven hours had been a quiet, peaceful sanctuary. It’s actually kind of…(Read More)

So I’m sitting here in the café, trying to write something, anything. But it’s not going very well. I came in a little while ago and plopped down in my favorite seat right by the window. That’s when I first noticed the young couple next to me—he, looking uncomfortable in his…(Read More)

It seems nowadays everyone’s talking about mindfulness and being “in the moment.” We’re so distracted anymore and our lives are so hectic that we’re not paying attention to the here and now. Instead, we’re too busy checking our Facebook to see if anyone “liked” the picture we posted of our eggplant…(Read More)

Coming Clean


OK…something’s come up that I just can’t keep quiet about anymore… The other day a friend of mine was out and about and overheard someone talking bad about me and my family. Apparently the man said, and I quote: “They’re all just living off of Amber’s millions!” Amber, for those…(Read More)