October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 14 – Forgiving Yourself


Well, I didn’t write for the past two days. (Did anyone even notice?)

But I think that’s OK. I know I pledged to write at least for a little bit every day during this October Mindfulness Challenge. But sometimes, no matter what our intentions, life just has other plans. And the more I think about the idea of mindfulness, I think that’s just fine.

This past weekend my lovely bride and I spent a much needed little getaway in our beloved downtown Pittsburgh. We were celebrating my wife’s birthday and spent a couple days exploring the city, eating amazing food (no place — yes, I mean that — no place has better food than The Burgh), watching TV in bed at the hotel (Friends, The Office), and basically escaping from all the craziness of our daily lives. We were being present in the moment. We didn’t think about work, or the laundry, or, in my case, making sure I found time to write every day. We were being mindful. And since that’s the whole point of this month-long challenge I committed to, I’m OK that I didn’t worry about posting to my blog for a couple days. My handful of followers will forgive me (some were probably thankful).

I think in order to be truly mindful, you also have to be willing to forgive yourself and realize that, despite your best-laid plans, to paraphrase Steinbeck, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. You just have to accept it and appreciate the moment for what it is.

So that’s just what we did. We walked, we ate, we slept, and we didn’t worry about what we weren’t doing.

And, honestly, I can’t wait until I get a chance to not worry again. ~


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