October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 18 – So Far, Real Good


As we’re a little over halfway through the month, I thought it would be a good time to assess my October Mindfulness Challenge thus far…

  • I haven’t checked social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in 18 days now, and, honestly, I haven’t missed it. All the time I would’ve spent mindlessly scrolling my feeds has been put towards more useful endeavors, like reading. And napping.
  • I also haven’t watched the news on TV, listened to the news on the radio, read a newspaper, or checked the news online. Amazingly, I’m still alive and getting along quite nicely. Apparently not knowing where all the local house fires and car accidents were overnight has absolutely no affect on your day. And Furthermore, a little birdie told me that you can actually check the weather on your smartphone, anytime of the day, rather than wait until “a little later in the broadcast for the full, five-day forecast.” Who knew?
  • I’ve managed to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes, despite my brain constantly trying to get me to think. Take that, brain! I guess you’re not as important as you thought you were.
  • For whatever reason, I’ve lost two subscribers to my blog since beginning this month-long challenge, which is a shame. But on the bright side…who knew I had so many followers?!
  • With the exception of one weekend when I was in Pittsburgh celebrating my wife’s birthday, I haven’t missed a single day of writing and posted to my blog every day. Sure, most of the time it’s unreadable (see above). But you can’t get better at writing unless you’re writing.

Thirteen more days to go, and I’m already feeling more mindful. Just think how I’ll feel on November 1!

(Sick from too many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and cabernet the night before, most likely.) ~


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