October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 19 – Live from Studio H


Today we’re on location for the October Mindfulness Challenge. The location: Studo H in Monaca, Pa. My good friend Kelly recently opened the space as a creative/event venue, which you can rent for a creative workshop, team-building session, poetry reading, etc.

Tonight, however, it is a private gathering for Kelly, her husband Daniel, and my family. Basically we’re all just hanging out doing whatever creative activity we want. Those of us who are 21 and older (i.e., everyone except for Boogieface and The Animal) are also enjoying some adult beverages, which I find helps with the creativity. (Writers have always used that excuse.) At least it helps quiet the inner editor so that the creativity flows more freely. 

Scanning around the room, it appears that just about everyone except for yours truly is sketching something:

  • The Animal is drawing Beef Boss, Wildcard, Tomato Head, and something called a “Plun-ja” (a plunger/ninja sword), all from the Fortnite video game that he’s completely obsessed with, even though he doesn’t own the game. Goodness knows what would happen if we actually gave in and got it for him.
  • Cass and Boogieface are sharing a set of iPhone earbuds as they watch an online tutorial on artistic lettering.
  • Daniel, from what I can see from my seat across the table, is sketching the human form. Saying he’s an artist is a gross understatement. The guy’s a barber by day, Leonardo da Vinci by night. No joke. He’s truly amazing. Even his barbershop is a work of art.

Danny and I just got done having a convo about what we’d do if we won tonight’s Mega Millions drawing, which is close to $1B. I would do two things: 1) help people, 2) disappear. The problem is, in PA, if you win you can’t be anonymous; you have to let the world know. Hence, the disappearing.

Kelly was just listening to “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers while she finished up some work on her laptop. I claimed that I could sing all 26 I-knows without taking a breath. So of course she made me prove my claim. And…I failed.

Danny just tried to explain quantum theory to me. I’d write about it, but honestly, I don’t understand what he was saying enough to write about it. More honestly, I zoned out about 30 seconds into his explanation. I guess quantum theory and cheap Pinot Noir don’t mix.

So that was our evening. I think it was a good exercise in mindfulness in that, at times, we were all quietly concentrating on our creativity of choice. They, their sketching; me, my writing. (And wine.) I’m not sure if I created anything worthwhile (you be the judge). But in the end I got another blog post out of it. So I guess it was a worthwhile endeavor.

(Again, you be the judge.)~


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