October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 27 – A Welcome Change of Plans


I gotta be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to today.

The plan was to wake up at 6:45, drag the kiddos out of bed, and then get them dressed and fed before rushing out into the rain and cold for The Animal’s soccer tournament 45 minutes away in Wexford.

Then, after the games had all wrapped up by around 10:30-ish, we’d drive the 45 minutes back home to warm up, dry off, and grab a bite to eat before turning right around and heading back to the same soccer field for Boogieface’s tournament at 2 p.m., where we would once again stand in the cold and rain until as late as 6 p.m., depending on how far her team made it.

(Personally, I was hoping for early exits for each of my kids’ teams. But let’s just keep that between us.)

So you can see why, at 6:50, right after we got up and were about to wake up the kids, I was ecstatic when Cass got a text that our son’s soccer tournament had been cancelled due to field conditions. Hooray!! I jumped right back into bed to enjoy a couple more hours of blissful slumber. Of course, we still had my daughter’s tournament later in the afternoon, but at least we wouldn’t be spending the entire day soggy and cold.

Then, right around mid-morning, I got an email that her tournament had also been cancelled! Again, I was euphoric. Probably too euphoric, that is, considering Boogs was just in the other room and heard me yell “Yes!” after reading the message on my computer. Apparently she was really looking forward to playing, despite the inclement weather.

Oh, well. I’m sure that she’s forgiven me by now, considering she and The Animal are now cozied up on the couch sipping on hot chocolate, a movie on the tube, the fireplace aglow.

We don’t get a lot of free Saturdays in our family anymore, so I’m going to really take advantage of it…and do absolutely nothing!

And considering what I’d been willing to do for my kids today, i.e., drive all over God’s creation and stand out in the rain and cold all day long, I think I’ve earned it.

Or, at least I would’ve earned it. Which is basically the same thing. ~


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