October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 28 – Priorities


Today the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Cleveland Browns (and won, big time). Ten years ago — heck, even five years ago — that would’ve meant one thing: I’d be going somewhere to hang out with my friends to drink oh-so-many beers and watch every single play. It was just a given.

But today was different. Today, as my beloved Steelers were taking the field for an important divisional game, I was settling in to my bleacher seat at New Wilmington High School to watch my darling Boogieface play in her final U-14 soccer game of the season. And I was just fine with it.

Sure, I had my brand-new transistor radio (Thanks, Amber!) handy so that I could follow along with the game. But my main focus was on my baby girl, as she completed her first season with her first “big girls” team. She didn’t play much, maybe 15 minutes total in the 80-minute match. But when she was on the pitch, she made her Mom and Dad very proud. When you’re a 5th grader playing with 9th graders twice your side, the fact that you’re even on the field at all is a big deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for praise for supporting my children. As the great Chris Rock would say, “You’re supposed to, you dumb BLEEEEEEEEP!” I’m must being mindful of where I’m at in life and how far I’ve grown as a person. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be able to watch one of her games without simultaneously, and somewhat secretly, following along to the Steelers game on my pocket radio.

But if not, I’m OK with that. I’m from Western PA, after all. And Sundays, besides being for church, are for Steelers games.

Just know this, Boogieface: I’ll always be there supporting you, no matter what selfish, misguided individual dare schedule one of your soccer games at 1:30 p.m. on a Steelers Sunday, let alone a Steelers Sunday versus an inter-division rival.

The nerve of some people.~


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