October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 9


I went out for a little run earlier today, and as I jogged around town I couldn’t help but notice all the political signs in people’s yards. Most were of the normal, small variety. A few people, however, were really showing their support for a particular candidate by planting a 4 ft. x 4 ft. banner in their front lawn. “MY SIGN IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!”

It seems to happen every year around this time. Like the first daffodils of spring, each October the political signs pop up overnight like some sort of hideous fall flower or, more appropriate, weed. I’ve always thought this is so silly. What does it matter to me who you’re voting for in the next election? Am I supposed to count all the signs I see and then vote for the one with the most? Thanks, but if you don’t mind, I’ll research all the candidates on my own and then make an educated decision based on that. In other words, I will try to be mindful in my decision-making and not let myself be influenced by a bunch of plastic signs someone scattered all about town.

Now, before you drive past my house and call me out for being a hypocrite…yes, I admit it: I have a political sign in my yard. But it’s not for anyone in my district. It’s for a good friend of ours, on whose election committee my wife serves. So we’re really not trying to convince any of our neighbors to vote for her. They can’t. We’re just showing our support for a close friend. OK, maybe it’s a little hypocritical, considering the above rant. But, hey…my wife put the sign in the yard, and I’m not about to go take it down.

I know what side my bread is buttered on.

Seeing all these yard signs reminded me how glad I’m not on social media, or watching TV, or listening to the news on the radio this pre-election month. Oh, how I love all the snarky, passive-aggressive, and mean-spirited political opinions people like to share on Facebook! Actually, they make me rather depressed and hopeless about the future of our country. Quite honestly, in our current, uber-heated and polarized political climate, I’d rather not know what candidate you support. It’s disappointing enough to find out, after years of knowing and liking someone, that they’re a cat person. Ugh. Or, even worse, a Patriots fan.

You know who you are.

Here endeth the rant.~


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2 Responses to "October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 9"
  1. Agree with you that Political signs pop up like weeds (too many) this time of the year especially at crossroads were there are so many and a lot for the same candidate. They may influence some people, but I believe in studying each candidate and for what they stand for. I vote for the one that believes the closest to what I believe.

    • You are a responsible voter, Martha! I hope others do their research too instead of just playing The Candidate With The Most Signs Wins game. : )

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