October Mindfulness Challenge – Days 7-8


OK, so I didn’t write yesterday. (Not that anyone noticed.) I give myself a pass considering it was Sunday and that I had a packed schedule: church, my daughter’s soccer game, volunteering at my kids’ school’s fall festival, dinner at the in-laws. Sure, I probably could’ve squeezed in 15 minutes of writing somewhere along the line, but to be honest…I plum forgot.

And I drank a little too much homemade wine at my in-laws’. It happens.

But here we are, right back on schedule again!

I never know what I’m going to write about when I sit down at my computer and pull up a new post. Like right now. But the point is to get my butt in the chair and write, so that’s what I’m going to do.¬†Please try to curb your enthusiasm.

Boogieface and The Animal got home from school about an hour ago, and they disappeared somewhere upstairs to make putty. For awhile this past summer the big thing was making slime. Now it’s putty. Go figure. Just now they came downstairs in hysterics. Somehow my son got some putty on his eyebrow, and now he can’t get it out without pulling out the hairs. Luckily school pictures were earlier this morning.

They were supposed to have a cross country meet after school today, but due to the unseasonably warm temperature — it’s almost 90 degrees! — they decided to cancel. (Yay!) But apparently they’re still having practice tonight. (Huh?) Oh, well. Instead of chilling out at home in the A/C, I’ll just be chilling out in my car in the A/C. I win either way.

Last night my wife couldn’t sleep because she was too warm, and she tried to wake me up to turn down the thermostat using the Nest app on my phone. Still groggy from the wine, I reached up into the air and, making a clicking sound, turned down the invisible thermostat hovering above our bed. Luckily she wasn’t waking me because of a burglar in the house, or else I might have ended up shooting my imaginary gun.

This is definitely the most non-sensical, disjointed blog post I’ve ever written. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s just nothing really interesting to write about, or because my brain is clouded from too much homemade Cabernet. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Back to the original point of this October Mindfulness Challenge…I can’t believe that I haven’t even glanced at my Facebook or Twitter feeds in over a week now. What’s more, I haven’t missed either one. Not one bit. Apparently it really is possible to survive without social media. Who knew?

Now if there was just a way for me to let everyone know… ~


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