October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 25 – Saver of the Bricks


You may have noticed that I didn’t write a post yesterday. It wasn’t because I was too busy, or sick, or had something better to do. I just didn’t feel like it.

And…I had three glasses of homemade wine at my in-laws’ last night and decided to just hit the sack when I got home.

Honestly, I’m OK with it. (I’m sure my millions of followers — HA! — weren’t heartbroken either.) Heck, I’ve written more blog posts this month alone than I had in the previous two, maybe three years. I get it that quantity isn’t always better than quality when it comes to blogging, but I’d really been slacking in my personal writing as of late, and this October Mindfulness Challenge has really helped me get back into the habit. Not that I’ll be continuing this daily blogging habit come November (you’re welcome), but I do think I’ll be writing more often, which I know is good for my soul.

This has been a weird week. The previous couple weeks I was scrambling to meet deadlines on a few big writing projects. But this week, as I wait for people to get back to me on another project, I’m kinda in a holding pattern and have been struggling to find productive ways to pass the time. Now, I know some of you out there are saying to yourselves…Man, I’d die to have a few days at home with nothing to do! I admit it was nice not having anything pressing on Monday. But I’m the kind of guy who likes to be productive everyday and doing something more worthwhile than taking a long walk or an extra-long nap (not to say I didn’t thoroughly enjoy them).

Take today, for example. After racking my brain to think of something to do around the house (and coming up empty), I decided to go for a five-mile jaunt around town. Running has always been a form of meditation to me. When I’m running, you see, I’m usually in so much pain that I can’t think of anything else. In other words, it helps me to be mindful and present in the moment, even though each moment is usually one of agony and/or exhaustion.

I never said I loved running. I just love how I feel after I’m finished running.

When I got back home, I sat on the front porch and caught my breath and as I watched the workers across the street scoop up the old brick sidewalks (from the 1800s!) and then toss them into a dump truck to be discarded. The gas company recently replaced all the lines in town, and now other workers are putting in new sidewalks. Well, I couldn’t bear to watch them toss away all those perfectly usable, vintage bricks (What can I say? I’m a romantic.), so after getting permission from the dump truck driver dude, I ran off and got my wheelbarrow and started filling it up. Five wheelbarrows later, I now have a nice little pile of bricks (150 or so) on the side of my house, perfect for that fire pit or walkway or whatever other project I can think up next spring. I also have blisters on my hands.

Gimmie a break, I’m a writer not a bricklayer.

Now, after a shower and lunch, I’m sitting here writing up this drivel as I listen to the best of the Spencer Davis Group on vinyl. Next up, before I go pick up the kiddos from school, a quick mediation and a nap. Maybe an extra-long one, too. After all, I deserve it.

The bricks, remember? ~


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