October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 6


I apologize in advance if this post doesn’t make much sense.

Last night I was at a local beer garden for my 25th high school reunion, where I had one or three-two-many beers. Then I got home and had a large glass of cheap Cab for a nightcap. Then, this morning, I had to chug a couple cups of coffee before heading to Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia at 10:30am for my good friend’s 50th birthday party, where I partook in several glasses of wine, still feeling the effects from my previous night’s overindulgence.

What’s funny is, the wine tasting was actually a good practice in mindfulness. Usually when I’m drinking wine, I’m not very mindful. That’s probably because the wine I buy isn’t the kind of wine that’s worth spending a lot of time tasting. But our tour guide at the winery taught us the appropriate way of tasting and enjoying a glass of wine—a process that is very slow, deliberate, and mindful. For the first time in quite some time, I actually tasted the wine I was drinking and was able to appreciate the subtle flavor of each variety. 

I think this is a wonderful lesson for everything we do in life, be it drinking wine, eating dinner, playing with our kids, or whatever. I am the first to admit that I am always looking forward to finishing things, whether it’s my cup of coffee or a good book or whatever. I rarely remember enjoying my dinner. When I’m playing with my kids, I’m always looking forward to the end of the day when they’re in bed and I can finally relax. I rarely appreciate every moment of my daily life, and instead I’m looking forward to some other event on my Google calendar. This is how life seems to slip away as we get older. We’re all so busy with stuff and we think that there’s something else to look forward to, and we fail to recognize that life is what’s happening to us in the meantime.

So here I am, at 4:36 in the afternoon, nicely buzzed from my morning of imbibing wine. The only thing I’m looking forward to at the moment is taking a long nap before continuing on with my day. But I’m happy that I had this epiphany, this realization that I need to slow down and enjoy each moment, each sip of wine, for the wonderful experience that it is.

Needless to say, I haven’t once today thought about checking my Facebook or Twitter feed. Nor did I worry about capturing any moment by taking a photo with my smartphone and sharing it with the world. I just enjoyed it as it happened, and that was good enough.

And now it’s nap time. So, until tomorrow…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…~


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