As Maria von Trapp would say, these are some of my favorite things for writers! (don’t expect any whiskers on kittens, though) Check back regularly for new additions.

  • The Freewrite by Astrohausfreewrite re-invents the typewriter, creating the perfect no-nonsense tool for writers like me who just want to write, period. (If you can’t afford one, the Neo or Dana by Alphasmart are more affordable options.)
  • Face it—you can’t remember everything. That’s why I love Evernote. It’s like having a second, more reliable brain.
  • 91+CPKVK80LIf you’re a writer, or any type of creative person, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is a life-changer. I plan on reading it at least once or twice a year. Amazing.
  • If you’re into old school typewriters (like me), and you’re looking for the perfect model for you, you can keep track of all online auctions in one place at Collectors Weekly.
  • Richard Polt’s The Typewriter Revolution is THE GO-TO for typewriter enthusiasts. From typewriter history to maintenance, you’ll find everything to know in this one comprehensive book.
  • Goodreads-LogoIf you love books, you’ll love Goodreads. This is where I keep track of all the books I want to read. One of its coolest features is the ability to scan a book’s barcode and then add it directly to your to-read list.