Random Daily Thoughts of a Freelance Writer


I think I’ll work at the cafe tomorrow. I really need to get out and see some people!

(The next morning:) 

Eh. Looks cold out. Good day to work from home.


Wow. That was a great blog post. I’m an amazing writer!

(15 minutes later:) 

Nobody’s liked my post!?! I’m a fraud! A sham! 


Time to buckle down and get to work on that new book.

(Looks over and sees guitar:)

OK. Maybe I’ll just play a song or two. Or five.


I really need to make health a priority, now that I’m self-employed.

(At lunch later that day with a client:)

The hamburger sounds good. But I better get the salad. With extra fries. And ranch.


I love the freedom of working for myself! I’ll never get a full-time job again!

(Checks bank account:)

Maybe a full-time gig’s not such a bad idea.


I really need to organize my freelance files.

(Opens laptop:)

But first, let’s check LinkedIn. And Facebook. And my emails. 

(45 minutes later:)

What was I doing?…


I’m really gonna buckle down today and get things done!

(Looks over and sees couch:)

But first a power nap!

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