Lying Through Our Teeth — A Christmas Tradition!

Valentine Brkich December 5, 2018

When your kids are still pretty young, it’s easy to convince them of crazy things. Things like fairies exist. Or that an enormous bunny sneaks into their house overnight and leaves them plastic eggs filled with candy. Or that an overly jolly and slightly rotund old man with a long white beard can somehow squeeze down the way-too…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 31 – The End

Valentine Brkich October 31, 2018

It’s hard to believe, but I actually did it. Thirty-one days without Facebook and Twitter. Thirty-one days without reading, watching, or listening to the news. Thirty-one days (well, almost) of meditating and writing every day. Thirty-one days of trying to be more mindful and present in the moment. Needless to say, it’s been a…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 30 – Just Your Typical Halloween

Valentine Brkich October 30, 2018

Tomorrow is Halloween. And in my house, that means one thing: all out panic! Even though a month back I suggested we start preparing, as of just a few days ago, neither Boogieface nor The Animal had any idea what they were going to be. My son, who is much more decisive than his big sis, decided pretty quickly that…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 29 – End the Hate

Valentine Brkich October 29, 2018

Love Thy Neighbor… …Thy Homeless Neighbor, …Thy Muslim Neighbor, …Thy Black Neighbor, …Thy Gay Neighbor, …Thy Immigrant Neighbor, …Thy Jewish Neighbor, …Thy Christian Neighbor, …Thy Atheist Neighbor, …Thy Addicted Neighbor.   No more hate. No exceptions. #PittsburghStrong…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 28 – Priorities

Valentine Brkich October 28, 2018

Today the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Cleveland Browns (and won, big time). Ten years ago — heck, even five years ago — that would’ve meant one thing: I’d be going somewhere to hang out with my friends to drink oh-so-many beers and watch every single play. It was just a given. But today was different. Today, as my…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 27 – A Welcome Change of Plans

Valentine Brkich October 27, 2018

I gotta be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to today. The plan was to wake up at 6:45, drag the kiddos out of bed, and then get them dressed and fed before rushing out into the rain and cold for The Animal’s soccer tournament 45 minutes away in Wexford. Then, after the games had all wrapped…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 26 – Children of the Corn

Valentine Brkich October 26, 2018

My heart pounded as I crouched in the corner of the field, carefully scanning for any sign of movement. I knew they were near, hunting me. I could hear them moving through the dried stalks in the distance. Just when I thought I was safe, I heard footsteps to my right. Turning toward the noise, I saw him coming straight…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 25 – Saver of the Bricks

Valentine Brkich October 25, 2018

You may have noticed that I didn’t write a post yesterday. It wasn’t because I was too busy, or sick, or had something better to do. I just didn’t feel like it. And…I had three glasses of homemade wine at my in-laws’ last night and decided to just hit the sack when I got home…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 23 – What, Me Worry?

Valentine Brkich October 23, 2018

Just now I was experiencing some anxiety about what to write about today, when it hit me: Write about anxiety! One of the reasons I wanted to do this October Mindfulness Challenge was to learn how to better deal with anxiety. The older I get it seems the more anxious I am about things. I don’t remember worrying about…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 22 – Mindfulness Tools

Valentine Brkich October 22, 2018

Mindfulness isn’t easy. Trust me, this is about the 5th time I’ve tried to develop a daily meditation habit. Turns out I’m not very good at sitting around and doing nothing, despite what my wife might tell you. Hopefully when this October Mindfulness Challenge is done, I’ll keep meditating everyday, even if just for a few…

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