Snap, Crackle, Whine!


So today’s episode of The Joys of Parenthood is brought to you by that old childhood favorite — the Rice Krispies treat.

You see, there was a single-wrapped treat left over in the Easter candy bag, and The Animal wanted it for his snack at school. Apparently, though, Boogieface already had it earmarked for her lunch. Or so she said. But methinks she totally forgot she even had it until her little brother discovered it. Funny how that works.

And so began the whining and crying:

The Animal: “I found it first!”

Boogieface: “I found it two weeks ago and was saving it!”

The Animal: “Well, I’m taking it!”

Boogieface: “Oh no you’re not! MOMMY!!”

The Animal: “Yes I am! DADDY!!”

And so, just like every other morning, which starts with so peacefully and with much promise, things quickly unraveled, all thanks to one silly little Rice Krispies treat.

In the end, Boogs got to keep her beloved treat, although not before we first piled a load of guilt on her for not being willing to share with her brother. She may be discussing this in therapy one day.

If only all that whining was actually wine instead. We’d be drowning in Cabernet. What a lovely way to go!

The whining is really out of control, so much so that my wife actually used a cuss word yesterday when she was reprimanding the kids about fighting and interrupting her when she was on a call. She actually exclaimed, “I’ve had enough of this, damn it!”

And when Mommy starts swearing…look out!

I’ve been looking forward to the end of the school year for a while now. Personally, I’m tired of getting up early and packing lunches and helping with homework (ugh). Then again, I’m not sure I’m ready to deal with the incessant whininess all day, every day. (I sure know my wife isn’t, damn it!)

Maybe I’ll just have to make a gross of those Rice Krispies treats to keep the kids from whining us to death. I mean, they can’t whine when their mouths are full, right? ~


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