Imagine That


Imagine if the creators of “The Simpsons” decided to do away with the show’s villain, Mr. Burns, and replace him with a brand-new, more villainous villain. Imagine that the creators decided to have a contest to see who could come up with this evil new villain and then be the writer for that villain on the show.

Now imagine if I entered said contest and, despite the astronomical odds, I was named the winner! That would be amazing, right!? It would be like hitting the lottery. This is “The Simpsons”, remember—the longest-running TV show of all time! As long as the show was running, not only would I be receiving paychecks for my writing, but I’d also receive residuals from product sales, movies, and every time re-runs ran on the tube. Bye-bye credit card debt! So long mortgage! It would be amazing, and I’d be oh-so-very happy!

Now imagine that all of this really happened to me, and I felt as if all my years of hard work trying to perfect my writing had finally paid off. I’d be jumping around and screaming and laughing, a huge weight lifted from my shoulders! No more writing website copy for custom flooring companies. No more endlessly pitching magazines, begging them to publish my articles, pretty please. No more penning stories for the local community newsletter. It would be the greatest day of my life!

Now imagine that, right in the middle of my euphoria, I realized that I had to pee, and suddenly I was no longer at Fox Studios in L.A. celebrating my victory, but instead I was slowly opening my eyes in my bed, where it was Tuesday morning, and my neck and back hurt from our way-too-old mattress, and I had to go wake up the kids and get them ready for school, so that I could spend the day writing website copy for a local oil-and-lubricants company.

Imagine that. ~


Copyright © 2016 Valentine J. Brkich

4 Responses to "Imagine That"
  1. Love the title, “Imagine That”… I was hoping that it would end with you saying you actually got an awesome freelance job! One that uses that sense of humor that only you can conjure up. One that actually pays what you’re worth. If such a position arises, feel free to use me as a reference. 🙂

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