A Personal Tour of My Kitchen


With the coming of the annual AAUW Kitchen Tour in Beaver this Saturday, Sept. 24, I thought I’d give you an inside look at my very own kitchen. Prepare to be blown away!

5 Responses to "A Personal Tour of My Kitchen"
  1. I love the filing system you don’t actually use… with a slot marked “URGENT.” I have a system like that, with a slot labeled “PENDING.” I’ve completely forgotten what’s in there, but I suspect everything pending in there has already happened years ago.

  2. I like how you use the kitchen towels to disguise that there’s no glass on the front of the oven. Very clever!

  3. I actually was comforted to know that Monaca water isn’t the only one in the area to destroy coffeepots, lol! We have two of those big old metal coffee urns normally found at church functions and family reunions. And I thought my closet-door-turned-countertop was clever, but I never thought to make it removable. Thanks for the tour! When the AAUW peeps see this, they’ll be begging to include your kitchen next year. I still have a ways to go with mine.