13 Things That Are Easier Than Parenting


My Living Room
My living room on an average day.

It’s funny, you’d think parenting would get simpler as you go. After all, most things tend to get easier with practice.

Not so. Not only are my kids becoming more unmanageable by the day, but the strain of the job itself, i.e., being a stay-at-home dad, is really starting to get to me. Imagine a hammer beating you over the head repeatedly from sunup to sundown. It’s sorta like that.

That said, I came up with a little list of things that, although extremely difficult, are still way easier than being a parent. Enjoy.


  • Learning Mandarin
  • Photographing Bigfoot
  • Brain surgery
  • Solving Rubik’s Cube blindfolded
  • Getting through an entire episode of “The Bachelor”
  • Licking your elbow
  • Understanding Faulkner
  • Bowling a 300
  • Explaining Twitter to your grandma
  • Understanding the appeal of Kenny Chesney
  • Domesticating a badger

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