Watery Woes


IMG_4753So the other day my in-laws got back from vacation, and they brought the kids back these really cool drinking glasses that flash and light up. The next morning during breakfast I thought it would be fun to fill the glasses up with water and then turn out the lights. Sorta like an early morning disco party, just without the Bee Gees or those terrible outfits.

Boogs got dressed and came downstairs first, and she was really enjoying the light show on the ceiling. The Animal followed a couple minutes later, and he was smiling ear to ear as he walked into the dining room and saw the glasses flashing in the darkness. Then he walked over to his seat, picked up his flashing glass, and, inexplicably, turned it completely upside down, spilling its contents all over the table and all over my wife’s work notebooks and other random papers she had left on the

“OH, NO!” I cried, scrambling in vain to save the now soaking-wet papers. “Mommy’s work!! Why did you do that?!?”

The Animal was in shock. “I didn’t know it was full! I didn’t know it was full!” he said, as he began to ball uncontrollably. Just then Cass walked into the room to witness the watery devastation. Luckily she handled the situation much more calmly than I had and comforted our son while I did my best to clean up the mess.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have freaked out like I did. But how you can pick up a full glass of water and not realize that it’s full, I’ll never know. Kids. Go figure.

Flash forward to today…

Just as I sit down at my desk to do some work, my lovely wife brings me my daily vitamins and a glass of water. Minutes later, I take the vitamin, and as I go to lift the glass of water I catch the corner of the shelf on my desk, knocking the glass out of my hand and spilling its contents all over my desk, my mouse, my keyboard, my papers, etc.

Now I’m sitting here writing this surrounded by damp, wrinkly papers and an oh-so-pleasant pulpy smell constantly reminding me of my clumsiness.

If my wife had been standing here, she would’ve said, gleefully, “See what you get.”

I don’t know what, if anything, all this means, other than that the males in this household apparently have a slight drinking problem.~


Copyright © 2016 Valentine J. Brkich

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