What a Coinkydink


Floyd the BarberSo I’m watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show the other day with Cass and the kids, and it’s the one where Otis the drunk sues the county for negligence after a fall at the jail. Otis’s slimy lawyer lies to him, telling him that if he sues the county they’ll fix up the jail to bring it up to date, which Andy and Barney would really appreciate.

In one scene, the lawyer walks into Floyd’s Barber Shop and introduces himself to Andy. The ever-so-simple Floyd can’t see through the attorney’s obviously fake friendliness, and after the man leaves, Floyd turns to Andy and says, “What a nice man!”

Fifteen minutes later, Cass and the kids have gone upstairs to bed, and I’m sitting on the couch checking my Facebook. That’s when I notice a meme on my timeline showing Floyd the barber and the huge block quote: “What a nice man!”

What the…?

I have these types of bizarre coincidences all the time, and they never make any sense. For example…

One time I was sitting in my car with the kids in the Giant Eagle parking lot whilst my wife was inside picking up a few groceries. I had my Kindle on me, and I was reading “Without You”, a short story by Del James. Years earlier, I had heard that the song had inspired the Guns N’ Roses video for “November Rain”. For some reason, I’d finally decided to download the story and read it. Meanwhile, in the background, I had the radio tuned to WDVE as the Allman Brothers came on the radio.

So as I’m reading the story, there’s a point where the author writes about how one of the characters “could relate to what it felt like being tied to a whipping post.” I come to this line at the exact moment that Gregg Allman’s voice sings the words “whipping post” through my car radio. The. Exact. Moment.


But wait! Probably the craziest coincidence I ever had involved a dream. One night I dreamt that I crawled into my fireplace and found a whole nother room inside, and in the room there were all these shelves holding a bunch of old toys. So the next day I go up to my dad’s house, and immediately he tells me about a dream he had the night before, in which he crawled into his old fireplace (you can probably see where this is going) and he found a whole nother room with all these shelves holding all his old toys!!!

How…what…why….??? Go ahead and explain that one away.

What do all these coincidences mean? They have to mean something, right? They’re just too specific, too unique to be happenstance.

They only thing I can come up with is they’re like blazes on a trail. You know those little splotches of paint they put on the trees to let you know that you’re on the right path and heading in the right direction? That’s what I believe these coincidences are. They’re God’s way of saying, “Hey, Val, chill out. You’re on the right path. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.”

Either that or it’s finally happened and my kids have driven me completely nuts. ~


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  1. I know I’ve had them, but I think I’m too old to remember what they were… LOL