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(WARNING: Not appropriate reading for young children!) All my daughter wants for Christmas is this stupid robotic dog named “Chip” that, supposedly, you can teach to do obey you and do tricks like fetch a ball. (Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what it does.) It’s definitely not cheap, but at least it…(Read More)

One Proud Papa


The other evening my 9-year-old daughter quoted one of my favorite lines by Otis Campbell. Who’s Otis Campbell, you ask? Google it. Everyone should know Otis. And Andy. And Floyd. And Gomer and Goober, Opie and Aunt Bea. And, of course, Barney. You can have your “Big Bang Theory.” Your CSI whatever…(Read More)

This past Monday, as a last hurrah of summer, we decided to take the kiddos to Pittsburgh’s legendary Kennywood Park. We were fortunate to get some discounted tickets from a friend, and we chose a Monday so we could avoid the normally large weekend crowds. When I was a little kid, Kennywood was a…(Read More)

I’d been itching to camping, especially after our two-week, epic family road-trip. After all that time cramped together in the Hyundai and hotel rooms, I was really longing for some quiet time out in the woods. So when my good friend Brian invited me up to his spacious, secluded property for an…(Read More)

Well, once again I’ve made it to my favorite time of day, when the kiddos are finally in bed, and I’m on the couch, remote in one hand, glass of vino/beer/brandy/tequila in the other. Over the past five days, the Mrs. has been been away in Atlanta for a design…(Read More)

So today’s episode of The Joys of Parenthood is brought to you by that old childhood favorite — the Rice Krispies treat. You see, there was a single-wrapped treat left over in the Easter candy bag, and The Animal wanted it for his snack at school. Apparently, though, Boogieface already had it earmarked for…(Read More)

Watery Woes


So the other day my in-laws got back from vacation, and they brought the kids back these really cool drinking glasses that flash and light up. The next morning during breakfast I thought it would be fun to fill the glasses up with water and then turn out the lights. Sorta like an early…(Read More)

After-School Fun


Whenever I see a young family struggling to get through those oh-so-trying early years with their children, I always do my best to encourage them and tell them to just hang in there. After all, before they know it those days of endless diaper changes and sleepless nights will be a thing of…(Read More)

“Oh great, what now?” I thought, hearing a thud from upstairs.  I had just put the kiddos to bed and sat down in the den with a good book and a better beer. Now one of them was up, and it was only a matter of time until he or she came downstairs. Wonderful. Just…(Read More)