October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 31 – The End

Valentine Brkich October 31, 2018

It’s hard to believe, but I actually did it. Thirty-one days without Facebook and Twitter. Thirty-one days without reading, watching, or listening to the news. Thirty-one days (well, almost) of meditating and writing every day. Thirty-one days of trying to be more mindful and present in the moment. Needless to say, it’s been a…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 26 – Children of the Corn

Valentine Brkich October 26, 2018

My heart pounded as I crouched in the corner of the field, carefully scanning for any sign of movement. I knew they were near, hunting me. I could hear them moving through the dried stalks in the distance. Just when I thought I was safe, I heard footsteps to my right. Turning toward the noise, I saw him coming straight…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 21 – A Weekend to Remember

Valentine Brkich October 21, 2018

Parenthood. What a roller-coaster ride. Saturday our kids competed against other Catholic schools in the Pittsburgh Diocesan Championship at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds. We had high hopes for The Animal, who as a 3rd-grader has shown great promise, regularly beating runners 2 or 3 grades older. Honestly, I just wanted him to try his best. But I knew…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 11 – Mindful Eating

Valentine Brkich October 11, 2018

One thing I’d really like to be more mindful about is eating. I eat fast. Way too fast. Like a-school-of-piranha-feasting-on-a-side-of-beef fast. As a result, rarely if ever do I fully appreciate and enjoy my meal. (And I’m sure it doesn’t exactly heighten the dining experience of those around…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 10 – Hangin’ with Swassie

Valentine Brkich October 10, 2018

One thing I’ve always tried to be mindful about is my kids. I’ve always tried to be present in and appreciative of each and every moment I have with them while they’re still young. This isn’t always easy, of course. Take when The Animal decided to use his head to obliterate the glass on our oven…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 1

Valentine Brkich October 1, 2018

I like change. I think it’s terribly boring when every day seems like a carbon copy of the previous one. Lately I’ve noticed just about every day has been following a similar pattern: Wake up at 6 a.m. Drink coffee while checking social media, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Take the kids to school Come home, check…

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In the Eye of the Parenting Hurricane

Valentine Brkich July 25, 2018

No changing diapers. No gaiting stairs. No baby-proofing the house. No fighting over cell phones. No asking if they can borrow the car. No staying up late worrying about where they are or what they’re doing. In the world of parenting, you might say we’re right smack in the eye of the hurricane. Ten years into the…

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Vintage Gaming with The Animal

Valentine Brkich April 30, 2018

Lately The Animal’s been playing his Xbox a little too much, and I figured a little father-and-son time might be in order. So the other day after school we jumped in the car and headed to…the arcade! To be specific, we went to Pinball PA in Hopewell. I’ve been wanting to check out this place…

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Sunday Not-My-Kind-Of-Funday

Valentine Brkich April 16, 2018

When I awoke on Sunday, if you’d have told me that by mid-afternoon I’d be holding a gun to my wife while watching someone perform First Aid on a snake, I would’ve said you were crazy. Then I would’ve asked what the heck you were doing in my bed. The day actually started off pretty…

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Family Visits and Other Bad Decisions

Valentine Brkich February 8, 2018

Sometimes in life bad ideas seem to fall right out of the sky, like frozen blue poo from an overpassing jetliner. “Let’s go visit my sister and the girls for New Year’s,” I said to my wife one evening after one-too-many glasses of red wine. “It’ll be so much fun!”  They’re not kidding when…

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