October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 1

Valentine Brkich October 1, 2018

I like change. I think it’s terribly boring when every day seems like a carbon copy of the previous one. Lately I’ve noticed just about every day has been following a similar pattern: Wake up at 6 a.m. Drink coffee while checking social media, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Take the kids to school Come home, check…

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In the Eye of the Parenting Hurricane

Valentine Brkich July 25, 2018

No changing diapers. No gaiting stairs. No baby-proofing the house. No fighting over cell phones. No asking if they can borrow the car. No staying up late worrying about where they are or what they’re doing. In the world of parenting, you might say we’re right smack in the eye of the hurricane. Ten years into the…

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Vintage Gaming with The Animal

Valentine Brkich April 30, 2018

Lately The Animal’s been playing his Xbox a little too much, and I figured a little father-and-son time might be in order. So the other day after school we jumped in the car and headed to…the arcade! To be specific, we went to Pinball PA in Hopewell. I’ve been wanting to check out this place…

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Sunday Not-My-Kind-Of-Funday

Valentine Brkich April 16, 2018

When I awoke on Sunday, if you’d have told me that by mid-afternoon I’d be holding a gun to my wife while watching someone perform First Aid on a snake, I would’ve said you were crazy. Then I would’ve asked what the heck you were doing in my bed. The day actually started off pretty…

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Family Visits and Other Bad Decisions

Valentine Brkich February 8, 2018

Sometimes in life bad ideas seem to fall right out of the sky, like frozen blue poo from an overpassing jetliner. “Let’s go visit my sister and the girls for New Year’s,” I said to my wife one evening after one-too-many glasses of red wine. “It’ll be so much fun!”  They’re not kidding when…

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Cheap Plastic Joy

Valentine Brkich February 6, 2018

“Who wants to go the grocery store with Daddy?!” I asked my kids, who responded in unison, “Not me!” But then when I added, “Whoever comes with me gets to get a toy out of the machine on the way out!”, both quickly changed their response and made a beeline to the car. I’m referring, of course, to those…

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Baby, It’s Cold…Inside

Valentine Brkich January 19, 2018

It was cold yesterday. So cold that I had on two sweaters, with another layer underneath, plus a tossle cap (For those of you who don’t know, that’s Western PA lingo for a winter hat.) I also had on long underwear beneath my pants and a pair of super-thick wool socks. Yet despite all that, I was…

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A Twist(er) of Fate

Valentine Brkich November 15, 2017

Back in May of 1985 I was still just a kid and easily frightened by thunderstorms. So on the afternoon of the 31st, when I was out playing with my friends and the skies turned an sinister yellow and green, I jumped on my BMX and pedaled home as fast as I could. My fear only amplified at home, when…

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Dishwashers and Other Hidden Dangers

Valentine Brkich November 9, 2017

I’ve always thought of myself as an old soul. But, geez, I figured I at least had a couple decades until my body caught up with my psyche. Apparently not. Yesterday I injured myself opening the dishwasher. Yes, the dishwasher. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened. All I know is, I walked into the kitchen…

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Holding On For Dear Life

Valentine Brkich November 1, 2017

Recently my daughter, aka Boogieface, turned 10. As I’m sure you can imagine, this threw me into a bit of a panic. We’re talking The Big One-O here. Double digits. It won’t be long now before that second digit turns into a three and, well, we all know what happens then. Heaven help me. So that…

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