My Favorite Day of the Year

img_7893 Valentine Brkich November 28, 2016

It’s not my birthday as you might guess, not Christmas or New Year’s, or even Super Bowl Sunday. It’s not when we spring ahead, or welcome summer, or cheer the arrival of fall. No, my favorite day is Christmas Tree Picking Day. Every year after Thanksgiving, we drive to that farm up north, back down that old…

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Hopelessly Stalled

Empty Roll Valentine Brkich November 15, 2016

So the other day my wife and I, along with our good friends Hugh and Kristi, went to Two Rivers Artisan Coffee Works in New Castle to break up our normal routine and do a little work outside the house. We got there right around 9:30 a.m., with plans to spend the morning working independently before grabbing some…

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A Personal Tour of My Living Room

Parlor Valentine Brkich November 8, 2016

Hey everyone! Since we had such a great response on the Kitchen Tour Video, I thought I’d continue the virtual tour of our home, this time in our living room, aka, the parlor. Enjoy! &nbsp…

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One Proud Papa

otis2 Valentine Brkich November 2, 2016

The other evening my 9-year-old daughter quoted one of my favorite lines by Otis Campbell. Who’s Otis Campbell, you ask? Google it. Everyone should know Otis. And Andy. And Floyd. And Gomer and Goober, Opie and Aunt Bea. And, of course, Barney. You can have your “Big Bang Theory.” Your CSI whatever. Your “Game of Thrones,” “Walking…

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Midlife Musings

at-key Valentine Brkich November 1, 2016

Man. I’m such a cliche. Here I am, 41 years old, and, yes, I’m having a mid-life crisis. Of course, that’s assuming I even make it to 82. For all I know I could die next week in some horrific, farm-machinery accident. Not likely, but possible. And if that’s the case, what I’m…

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Ghost Hunting at the Farnsworth House Inn

Haunted Valentine Brkich October 27, 2016

The following is an account from back in 2010, when I went on a ghost hunt in Gettysburg with members of Robert Morris University’s Civil War Club. I thought it would be a fun thing to share again around the Halloween holiday. Enjoy… Farnsworth House Inn, Gettysburg – May 5, 2010, 8:30 p.m. We stood outside the Farnsworth…

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Exploring Beaver County – Rochester, Pa.

img_7487 Valentine Brkich October 26, 2016

Rochester, Pa. (Note: Instead of bogging down my blog with scads of large photos, I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr page for your viewing pleasure.) For the fourth stop in my Exploring Beaver County blog series, I hopped on the old bike and headed across the Beaver River to the place of my birth, Rochester. I have to admit…

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Exploring Beaver County – Monaca, Pa.

img_6970-2 Valentine Brkich October 12, 2016

Monaca, Pa. (Note: Instead of bogging down my blog with scads of large photos, I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr page for your viewing pleasure.) For the second stop in my Exploring Beaver County blog series, I once again hopped on my bike and pedaled my way over the Beaver River, twice, to Monaca (aka, the artist formerly known…

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Chillin’ in the Cemetery

img_7107 Valentine Brkich October 7, 2016

Today might have been one of the last really warm and sunny days of the year. Therefore I decided to get away from my desk, get outside, and go to a place that never fails to make me happy: the cemetery. The Beaver Cemetery & Mausoleum (aka the Beaver Cemetery, Mausoleum, and Fitness Center to us locals) is one of…

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