Welcome to Camp Crazy

IMG_6105 Valentine Brkich July 6, 2016

I’d been itching to camping, especially after our two-week, epic family road-trip. After all that time cramped together in the Hyundai and hotel rooms, I was really longing for some quiet time out in the woods. So when my good friend Brian invited me up to his spacious, secluded property for an impromptu campout, I jumped at…

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Summertime…and the Livin’ Ain’t Easy

Summer Vacation Valentine Brkich June 22, 2016

Ah, summertime… The long, warm days! The weekend BBQs! The kids coming inside to tattle on each other every five minutes and argue about who gets which lightsaber! I admit it. I was so looking forward to the end of the school year. I was tired of making lunches. I was tired of helping with homework. Mostly I was just…

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at-key Valentine Brkich June 2, 2016

We were in a hurry. Cass didn’t know I had a meeting at the church, and she and Boogs were out running errands with the car. So I told The Animal to shut off his video game and we took off out the back door, got on our bikes, and pedaled toward the rectory. The little guy was keeping…

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Holding Down the Fort

at-key Valentine Brkich May 23, 2016

Well, once again I’ve made it to my favorite time of day, when the kiddos are finally in bed, and I’m on the couch, remote in one hand, glass of vino/beer/brandy/tequila in the other. Over the past five days, the Mrs. has been been away in Atlanta for a design conference. For the most part…

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Save the Drama for Your Mama

IMG_5046 Valentine Brkich May 18, 2016

I can’t deal with drama. This is a problem, since I live with the drama queen of all drama queens. Like most men, I never really understood women. (If you want me to do something, why don’t you just ask me to do it?!) When my daughter was born, I thought that maybe since I’d be spending…

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Snap, Crackle, Whine!

at-key Valentine Brkich May 6, 2016

So today’s episode of The Joys of Parenthood is brought to you by that old childhood favorite — the Rice Krispies treat. You see, there was a single-wrapped treat left over in the Easter candy bag, and The Animal wanted it for his snack at school. Apparently, though, Boogieface already had it earmarked for her lunch. Or so she…

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Take Your Kid Nowhere Day

MyCoworkers Valentine Brkich April 28, 2016

So they tell me today is “Take Your Kid to Work Day.” This actually worked out well, since my kids didn’t have school today. (Actually, I think that may be the reason they didn’t have school today.) Anywho… Considering that my so called “place of work” is also my “place of sleep”, “place of watch Netflix in my…

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The Little Things

at-key Valentine Brkich April 25, 2016

Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you worry about the mountain of things you have on your to-do list and how you’re ever going to find the time to get it all done? Sure. We all do. With today’s hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to worry yourself sick about all the little things that seem to fill…

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Bigfoot…On My iPhone…Makes Me Happy!

IMG_4917 Valentine Brkich April 21, 2016

So I’ve been listening to a lot of Bigfoot podcasts lately. Betcha never heard anyone say that before. My favorite one is SasWhat: A Podcast about Bigfoot. I like it because it has a good mixture of both the serious and not-so-serious sides of Bigfoot. That and I like the cricket sound effects that play in the…

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Imagine That

100914539-Untitled-4.530x298 Valentine Brkich April 19, 2016

Imagine if the creators of “The Simpsons” decided to do away with the show’s villain, Mr. Burns, and replace him with a brand-new, more villainous villain. Imagine that the creators decided to have a contest to see who could come up with this evil new villain and then be the writer for that villain on the show. Now…

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