Father Goose Fail

Valentine Brkich May 6, 2015

I thought about recounting in detail everything that’s happened over the past six days, when my sister, brother-in-law, and their four young daughters came in from out of town and stayed with us. But honestly, it was pretty much all one big, chaotic blur. And, besides, I’m just too tired. Instead I’ll share with you…

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In Search of Sasquatch — the 24th Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Valentine Brkich April 21, 2015

So, I went to a Bigfoot conference this past weekend. Why would anyone do such a thing, you ask? Well, for one, I’ve always been interested in the unknown—Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, U.F.O.’s, the appeal of daytime television, etc. Plus, I was drinking wine and surfing the net one night, and ended up buying…

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A Beastly Encounter

Valentine Brkich April 2, 2015

Looking up the path, I could see the beast staring down at me, saliva dripping from his mouth. Just moments earlier I had left my house to begin my weekly long run. The plan was to head out Dutch Ridge Road into Brighton Township. I didn’t want to risk the busy main hill, however, so I decided to take…

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The Big Four-Oh!

Valentine Brkich March 18, 2015

I really didn’t want to write another one of those cliché-ridden blog posts about turning 40.  You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones that claim how “40 is the new 30,” or that 40 really isn’t that old after all.  No, it’s not. And, yes, it is.  Honestly, turning 40 doesn’t bother…

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Surrendering to the Mess

Valentine Brkich February 25, 2015

That’s it. It’s over. I surrender. I can no longer keep up with the ever-growing, all-consuming mess of toys that has taken over my once beautiful home and infiltrated every nook and cranny therein. It was a valiant fight, and one that has brought many a gray hair to my head. But sometimes you just have…

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Hurts So Good

Valentine Brkich February 11, 2015

  “How’s the pressure?” asks Rick, owner and Head Torture Technician at Russ Medical and Sport Massage Clinic in Beaver, as he digs into what feels like a grapefruit-sized knot in my upper back. “Guh…” I manage to grunt in response, my face buried within the padded head rest of the massage table. What’s funny is I…

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Typewriter Man

Valentine Brkich February 6, 2015

So I went on my first typewriter house call the other day. Funny. Never thought I’d hear myself saying that. It’s a good thing I’m already married. It was actually a favor for my friend, Lisa, who’s holding an event this weekend at her awesome “Snail Mail Supply Co.”, Sapling & Sons, located right on the…

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Saving Storm Shadow

Valentine Brkich January 30, 2015

  “Hey, Dadda—what’s that?!” Shoot. He saw it. My 1984 G.I. Joe Storm Shadow action figure. I’d been hiding it inside my desk drawer where I knew it would be safe and where, every now and again, I could catch a glimpse of it and recall those oh-so-wonderful days before things like mortgages, electric…

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13 Things That Are Easier Than Parenting

Valentine Brkich January 21, 2015

It’s funny, you’d think parenting would get simpler as you go. After all, most things tend to get easier with practice. Not so. Not only are my kids becoming more unmanageable by the day, but the strain of the job itself, i.e., being a stay-at-home dad, is really starting to get to me. Imagine a…

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The Animal — Five Years In

Valentine Brkich January 14, 2015

The other day we celebrated my son’s fifth birthday. Boy, time sure does fly by. It’s hard to believe that, just five years ago, I still thought I wanted four kids. Funny how things change. The following is a quick recap of how we celebrated The Animal’s big day: – Even though we had his official party the…

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